In the Workshop at the Moment

March 2019: We got a lovely original and unrestored Triumph Bonneville T120 in to look ‘at an engine noise’. Anyways, as you can see the damage done and the expense for our customer. Blocked oil sludge trap, holed/collapsed piston crown, broken liner ,broken cam followers and plenty of metal debris in the engine and oil.





It's not rocket science folks as we have said many many times before if your bikes starts making any untoward noises stop immediately, even if it's a long push home, a long wait for the aa/rac or an even longer wait your mate to come and pick you up in his van.


Another customer’s Harley Davidson WLA 45 Bobber in for fitting a new speedo and rear drive also the carb sorting out as it was full of water after sitting out in the rain over winter






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