Cosmo on TV

See Cosmo on 'TOP DOG' a motorcycle programme from ten years ago. He was cringing about us showing his dodgy moustache and his awful Saff London accent and really didn't want it posted on the site due to dying of embarrassment, but we really didn't care and here it is for your entertainment. A month after this program was shown Cosmo went on a six month operational tour to Iraq with the R.E.M.E and after seeing it you will understand why! All 3 episodes featuring Cosmo can be seen below. The first features a Brough Superior vs a Vincent Black Shadow, the second shows a BSA Rocket 3 vs a Honda CB750 and the third shows a BSA Gold Star vs a Triton.





Earlier this year University of Brighton student Elliott Russell made a short film about Cosmo and the shop in the first year of his Degree in Media and Television Studies. You can watch it below.






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